Our Vision

At Sugar stocks we believe that it is our obligation to bring the vast knowledge and expertise that we have accumulated from around the globe to make great products and to help improve the socio-economic standings of all those that come into contacts with our company and our products. Whether it is our work in agriculture or our active care for the environment, you can rest assured that our honest clear and transparent ethics and code of conduct dictates the high quality of our produce and the great care we have for our shareholders. With leading technologies and great minds at our disposal we will be a driving force in the market place.

A look at how all components of this project will fit together will show you just how intricate all aspect of this will be. The implications on the community shall be:

  • Benefiting from the international expertise and new technologies in agricultural & Industrial Sectors.
    The creation of thousands of job opportunities on all the levels.
    An opportunity to improve the skills of Thousands of technicians& engineers & introduce them to new technologies
    Improving the standards of living in the area.
    Contribution in the countries revenue and economy through investment in infrastructure in connection with the aforementioned project

Latest News

the White Nile Area

The project Area at the White Nile (Sudan) is around 120,000 acres. Itís divided to four blocks (blocks A, block B, block C, block D). And each block will contain (Houses, Medical center, School, Farms). Beside that we will built Sugar factory in this area.

Al Duqam Area

The project is building Sugar Factory at Al Duqam (Sultanate of Oman).

Our Values

At Sugar Stocks LTD we pride ourselves on our company values and ethics; we work diligently to ensure that our values and ethics are never compromised. We value Clients We value our work force and as such we will build a work force based on merit, integrity, transparency and inclusiveness We aspire to be a learning organization and we encourage ideas, innovation, excellence, enterprise and teamwork in employee We behave responsibly and ensure that all of our activities are environmentally friendly Business Goal & Objectives: We are proposing the acquisition of 400,000 acres (1620 km²) of suitable land for the agriculture of Sugarcane and Sugar beet: Sugar Stocks LTD intends to divide the land for the purposes of agriculture with 100,000 acres (405 km²) being dedicated to sugar beet and 300,000 acres (1215 km²) being dedicated to sugarcane. Sugar Stocks aim to produce in the region of 54,600 MT of sugar per annum from sugar beet. Sugar Stocks aim to produce in the region of 229,680 MT of sugar per annum from sugarcane.